Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinic Oman

Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinic Oman

In 2009, Aster DM Healthcare extended its services to the Sultanate of Oman by establishing three multi-specialty hospitals and six clinics under the Aster Al Raffah name. The Aster Al Raffah Clinics operate in Sohar, Liwa, Al Khoud, Mabella, suwaiq, and Amerat, while the Aster Al Raffah Hospitals are in Sohar, Ibri and Ghobra, Muscat.

The Aster Al Raffah hospital is a multi-specialty medical facility that is equipped with the latest healthcare technology and equipment. The Aster Al Raffah clinics provide primary health care services and possess highly skilled and experienced specialists who are adept at accurately diagnosing and providing treatments for both simple and complex disorders in a wide variety of specializations, thereby providing the residents of Oman with easily accessible, high-quality healthcare services.

Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra - Aster Al Raffah

In Pursuit of Providing Quality Healthcare that is Affordable and Accessible

We have been consistent in our mission to provide quality healthcare at affordable cost at the doorsteps of the people we serve, ever since we started the journey of “Caring Mission with a Global Vision” 3 decades back. This rhymes well with the universal healthcare philosophy of Quality, Affordability, and Accessibility.

In the area of Quality, we can showcase umpteen awards and certificates proving our credentials, but more importantly, it runs deeper in the DNA of Aster DM Healthcare. Our teams drive the quality program as the cornerstone with a strong belief that there is no finishing line in the race for excellence.

Healthcare worldwide is becoming more and more expensive, but we try to make our services Affordable. Healthcare, though deemed as an ‘industry’ is much more than that – we strongly believe that profit should be a byproduct and not the aim in healthcare, which helps us to transcend into our core values, of Compassion, Integrity, and Respect. In an exercise to serve all sections of society, we have rolled out different brands with varying price bands. We also provide support to those who are in need through our Foundations and CSR activities.

Accessibility to healthcare services is a very important focus area for us – we provide services closer to our customers through the large network of clinics and pharmacies – however, this is only like touching the tip of the iceberg. We are in the process of rolling out programs, leveraging Information Technology to make accessibility much wider and deeper, carrying delivery of healthcare to the homes of people.

Our recently adopted brand promise “We’ll Treat You Well” is actually a promise to all our internal and external stakeholders, which include our partners, employees, patients, business associates, and the public. From top-down, we promise our internal stakeholders that we’ll treat everyone well.

Then as Asterians, we sing a chorus to our external stakeholders that we’ll treat them well.

Many ask me the recipe for our success – from a single doctor clinic in Dubai to a network of nearly 323 establishments, spread in 8 countries with over 20790 staff. I strongly believe that it has been due to the blessings of the Almighty, the support of the visionary leaders and people of the countries we operate and the hard work of the united and passionate team of Asterians.

Aster DM Healthcare

From a single clinic to a performance-driven healthcare enterprise spread across 308 establishments in 8 countries and growing, Aster DM Healthcare has transitioned into being a growing network across the Middle East, India, and the Far East.

Currently one of the largest and fastest-growing conglomerates in the MENA region, Aster DM Healthcare covers the full spectrum of healthcare services. An expansive portfolio includes hospitals, clinics, Diagnostic center,s, and retail pharmacies.

Headquartered in Dubai, the Aster DM network now encompasses 20,790 employees, with several JCI accredited Hospitals, clinics, and Diagnostic Centres.

Never content to rest on its laurels, Aster DM Healthcare is constantly seeking opportunities to set new yardsticks with advanced developments. With many more innovative and ambitious initiatives, Aster DM Healthcare has radically catalyzed the healthcare revolution across the Middle East, India, and the Far East.

Each of the Group’s verticals is a symbol of distinction, driven by the commitment to build a healthier tomorrow and to take healthcare to the next level of excellence.

Aster Hospital Project - METenders

Awards & Accreditation

True to the world-class quality standards of Aster DM Healthcare, Aster Hospitals in Oman fulfill operational criteria that ensure healthcare excellence across all departments and locations.

This relentless focus on uncompromising quality to ensure the satisfaction of our patrons has earned Aster Hospitals numerous awards and recognitions from prestigious global healthcare bodies. These include being awarded a Certificate of Accreditation by The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), a constituent board of Quality Council of India that has been set up to establish and operate accreditation program for healthcare organizations, and the AHPI Award for Quality Beyond Accreditation by the AHPI, a representative body of Healthcare Organizations in India that has introduced AHPI healthcare awards to recognize and celebrate the excellence achieved by the organizations in the healthcare industry in various fields. The National Award for Best Healthcare Entrepreneur is another acknowledgment of our quest for quality par excellence and our desire to go the extra mile in achieving quality of the highest standard across all aspects of Aster Hospital’s operations.

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